Legion footwear is stoked to be a South-African born and bred brand. With our heels in heritage, culture and diversity, we offer authentic footwear that suits the sole of today’s man. Legion values tradition and we pride ourselves in offering footwear that celebrates our countries roots. Our shoes are hand-crafted from locally sourced materials therefore giving us the proudly South-African vibe that sets us apart.

Each of our shoes is uniquely hand-crafted and individually shaped, and as a result your Legion is one-of-a-kind. This hand-made process means that we pay immaculate attention to detail, and not a single stitch goes unnoticed. Every element of a Legion shoe is well considered and thoughtfully executed, subsequently you receive an exclusive product. We aim to bring you shoes that are effortlessly trendy, whilst practical, enduring and stylish too.


Our product range is based on Vellies and Leather boot variations, in which you will find a selection of styles and colours. Legion’s limited collection means a closer focus on every shoe’s shape, cut and fit, inherently ensuring comfort and durability. Our shoes are incredibly versatile and can be worn effortlessly with casual wear through to smart attire. Legion understands the need for a shoe that can do it all, because South African men do, do it all!

legion vellies shoes on rocks


Legion directly talks to the idea of an army; a battalion of strong men working together under a common goal. Values such as bravery, power and durability are emphasised and link to the nature of our footwear, and subsequently the men who wear our shoes.


Our logo encapsulates the notion of a united force and embodies the soul of a South-African brotherhood through the combination of the product elements. A spear is used in conjunction with a leather crafting tool, subtly talking to the hand-made nature of Legion footwear. These are united by the ‘genuine leather tag’, which is morphed to denote an African shield, thus representing the ideals of manhood and power.

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