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The ankle boot is a timeless classic, remaining a footwear favourite without a break since the 19th century. Mens ankle boots are versatile, and can therefore be dressed up or down and still evoke a sense of sophistication. It’s no wonder why this shoe style remains hugely popular and ever-trendy in modern fashion.


Men’s footwear had been dominated by tall and embellished heeled boots until the 19th century. No footwear fell below the knee, from high-legged cavalier boots to Wellingtons and Hessians, nothing was ankle height. Footwear was an indication of status for the most part of the 17th century, thus worn primarily by the Noble. The taller and more elaborate the boot – the higher your social status and wealth. Owing to this, lower cut boots were more often used by labourers and the lower-working class. It was only in 1817 that a low cut boot rose in popularity as a casual and sportswear shoe. This ankle boot was known as the Blucher, and stemmed from an 18th century labourer’s boot. Typically, the Blucher was a largely practical shoe, with a front lace up and reached ankle height.

Ankle Boots have Noble beginnings

The noble Knights took to the shorter styled boot before it became wildly popular in society. Ankle boots offered the knights immense comfort and a good fit whilst horse back riding. And they proved most practical for agility when fighting.

By the 1860’s the ankle boot had overtaken the previously favoured, much taller counterpart, the Wellington, and so began the new fashion of the day. The lower cut boots were referred to as ‘high-lows’ and commonly came unlined with two pairs of eyelets. The rounded toes and thin leather soles stood in contrast to the previously pointed toe shape and thick soles.

Men’s ankle boots really do tell a tale of rags to riches.


vellie shoe illustration


vellie shoe illustration


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