the major misfits

The Legion footwear range is made entirely by hand. From tanning the leather and cutting the pattern to stitching it all together – somebody’s hands are working to craft your shoes. However, the nature of this bespoke approach can open room for inconsistencies. Sometimes a tool scratches an upper, or some glue escapes control, and the leather gets noticeably stained. The opportunities for visual defects are endless – colour discrepancies, scuffs and scratches, natural leather blemishes, tool marks, substance stains…the list goes on. The Legion team does its best to clean up these notable defects as best possible, but not all soles are totally saveable. However, the shoe itself is still a Legion made style, offering the comfort and character you know and love. These are the same genuine leather shoes from our collection of styles – just with slightly more charisma owing to their obviously hand-made, marks and blemishes.


The soles that we just can’t save, we donate. And that’s wonderful because we strive to produce zero fashion waste. The remainder of the misfits are marked down in price and join the Factory Sale stock. These styles offer the same comfort and character of our standard range, and come with free delivery too! Talk about a bargain worth investing in.

So here’s to the blemished ones, the misfits, the tainted, the imperfections, the notably marked during making… the ones who don’t quite make the cut – they’re not top quality, but they’re comfy, charismatic and save you money.



Leather boots with scuffs

Glue stains

needle marks

general dirtiness

Leather boots with glue blemishes

leather blemishes

Javelin Leather boots with scuffs

needle marks

cuts and scuffs on leather boots

cuts and scuffs

Leather boot with scuffs

messy joins

Leather boot with tonal differences

tonal differences

Leather boot with general differences

general dirt

Rough sole

Leather boot with crinkles

leather creasing

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it is what it is

Please note – Items purchased from the Legion Factory Sale can not be exchanged for any reason other than sizing disputes. Therefore, we suggest that you try on your shoes in a clean, controlled environment so that should you need a size exchange, we can still sell the shoes. However, keep in mind that any exchanges of Factory Sale shoes will be at your own cost.

The possibilities for obvious inconsistencies are endless, and we can’t promise you exactly what you’re going to receive at the end of the day (but hey, that’s why you’re getting it at discount). Your pair may have a range of minor mishaps or a major singular mark – it’s honestly just luck of the draw. 


  • Scratch marks from tools, table tops and other objects
  • Glue stains
  • Tonal differences in the leather colour
  • Needle marks from the stitching
  • Messy joins between uppers and soles
  • Slightly dirty soles from models use
  • Dirty, damage marks and scuffs