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Not just another classic

The iconic leather shoe reaches just below the ankle, boasting a simple style yet robust versatility. These shoes are a classic cut and can easily be dressed up or down, although most common in the workplace. Being one of the most adaptable, easy-going footwear pieces, the leather shoe is an essential for the modern person’s wardrobe.


The leather shoe is a Derby-style inspired design and is based on a classic cut. The open lacing system is what most obviously defines the leather shoe as a Derby. Essentially an open lacing system is one that allows for a much more flexible fir and space for expansion of the foot. Therefore, these leather shoes are ideal for those with broader feet, looking fir a wider fit. An open lacing system means that the shoe has a three paneled construction. There are two quarters, which wrap around the heel and side of the shoe. These are stitched on top of the vamp – the toe section of the shoe – and together form the upper. The two quarters do not get stitched closed above the vamp, thus they allow for open lacing. Subsequently, the shoe has a far larger instep and is far more flexible and comfortable.

Humble beginnings

It was in 1850 when the Derby styled shoe reached it’s prime popularity within society. Yet, this wasn’t in a working class context, but rather in the sporting arena. The leather shoe was favoured as hunting footwear and sportswear, because it offered optimal comfort and less rigidity than Oxfords. It was only in the 20th century that it became an appropriate piece of fashion to wear in town.

The Derby then became favoured as an office shoe, with its slight heel bad rounded toe, it was an ideal fit between casual and relaxed formal wear. This Derby styled shoe stands in contrast to the much sleeker, more sophisticated nature of the Oxford. As a dynamic piece of footwear, the leather shoe can be worn with denims, chinos, casual trousers and even shorts. However, this doesn’t negate the potential formailty of the shoe, which can also be dressed up for a smarter feel.

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Our leather shoe is a classic, wear it with Jeans or Chinos for a smart casual look. They are available only in brown. Tough and long lasting, these shoes also get more and more comfortable with time and wear.